Give Thanks
Silent Night 2016
Listen To Your Children
That Kind of Love
Just A Closer Walk With Thee
Joyful, Joyful
Seeds Scattered & Sown
By Grace
Be Glorified
Precious Lord
He Is Exalted
Soon and Very Soon
Bring Forth The Kingdom
2014 Christmas Eve Concert
Silent Night
We Three Kings
Shine Jesus Shine
Come, Now Is The Time
Create In Me A Clean Heart
Kyrie Eleison
Here Is Bread - Spiritís Tether
I Will Sing
Sunday School - Motherís Day
Debussy: Harry Graser
Debussy Pour le piano I. Sarabande
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Willing To Do
All One Body
Christmas Eve 2015 - Hallelujah
O Christmas Tree
Christmas Eve 2015 - Stil
Mary Did You Knowl


You Can Always Come Home
Easter 2016
I Donít Understand?!
Feed My Sheep
The Good Shepherd
Revelation 21 and 22
Motherís Day 2016
Confirmation Speeches 2016
Dance With God
36 Years
Pastor Adam Miller -Stubbendick
Pastor Larson - June 19th
Pastor Norma Malfatti
Lanny Repman
Billy Crystal and Martha
The Lordís Prayer
Where Your Treasure Is
Why Go To Church?
I Wish You More
You Are Invited
s Jesus Transforming You?
Vicar Adam Arends
Who Do You Serve?
Chasms In Your Life
nstallation Service
How Long
Iím Grateful
Your Name
, a Sinner
Reformation 2016
Child of God
2016 Election
Christ The King Sunday 2016
2016 Advent 1
2016 Advent 2
2016 Advent 4
Christmas Eve 2016 Sermon
Christmas Day 2016 Sermon


New Yearís Day 2017
What Are You Looking For
We AreCalled
Blessed Are You
Choose Life
Neighbor-Vicar Adam
Lent 2017 - Temptation
Lent 2017 - Who Is Jesus?
Lent 2017 - Quenching Our Thirst

Lent 2017 - Blind
Lent 2017 - Lazarus
Easter 2017
Easter 2017-Wk. 2 - Thomas
Where Are You Going?
The Good Shepherd
You Have An Advocate
Holy Trinity - Outdoors
Outdoors in June
Do You Hear Me?


Really Small Catechism
Cup of Water
Pastor Swansen
Made For Love
Who Is Jesus
Return To The Lord Your God
Home For Benny with Muscular Dystrophy

Whose Is It
Come To The Party
Religion, Politics, Money
Reformation 2014
All Saints Day 2014
Are You Prepared
Focus on the Positives
Christ The King 2014
Advent One 2014
Advent 2 - Our Imapct in WNY
Advent 3 - Coupon for God|
Advent 4 2014
2014 Christmas Eve
Epiphany 2014
Come and See
Eric Madsen
The Sky Is Falling
Sunday Feb.15 2015
Chisel Away
Pastor Becca Ehrlick
The Ten Commandments
Blessing Kid Style
Listen To John


Lent - Die To Sin
Facebook - Easter 2015
Star Trek
The Good Shepherd
Stay Connected
Motherís Day
Ascension Sunday 2015
Penticost & Confirmation
Holy Trinity
Hide and Seek
Shooting In Charleston
Raise The Dead
Sermon by Lanny Repman
Signed Sealed Delivered
On The Lawn
Actions Speak Louder
Armor of God
Got To Be Last
Salt and the Pope
Step Out In Faith
The Bible
All Saints Day
Give Thanks
Advent 2015
Christmas Eve 2015
Share Godís Blessings
Season of Ephiphany
The Calling
Bishop John Macholz Repentance


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